Back from an inexplicable lazy summer.  This blog began with all the enthusiasm only the absolutely naïve can possess: I would blog with courage, discipline and excitement. The music would just appear and followers would just ….follow. I just knew there were tons of folks that wanted to listen to great music supported by good writing.

I’ve failed on every imaginable level. Discipline collapsed after the first few posts and I never caught beyond my hopefulness that I would just be “found”. Despite the Twitter landing spot on my page- I don’t twitter or tweet. Nevertheless, there is some part of me that feels this work still deserves a place in the this space. At work, I listen to so many music podcasts and independent radio shows featuring great music by artists that still believe soul music and R&B are viable, vaunted and respectable music dialogues. So, I’m not quite ready to throw in th towel on my little adventure.

With those thoughts, we’re back for another Funk It Friday session:

Bring It On/Dira; Beautiful, Loved & Blessed/Tamar Davis; I Never Felt Like this Before/Mica Paris; Where Has the Love Gone/Steve Harvey ft. KK; Lost in the Moment/Marcell & the Truth; Bus Stop/Don-e; Mountains/Seek; Smooth My Heart/Cree Summer; Look at Me Now/Morrison Slick; How Sweet Life Is/Angela Johnson f/Julie Dexter