There is no ailment music can not cure, no event for which it can not produce a soundtrack.  From the harmonic melodies of Minnie Riperton to the raunchy groans of Millie Jackson, to the mellifluous manipulations of sandy-eyed Smokey Robinson all the way down to the nitty-gritty grind of Teddy Pendergrass, the Aural Pleasure Palace just wants you to hear how rhythm and blues keep telling our souls exactly how to get through this crazy, crazy world. We’ve tried to reach into crates for every style of R&B known to the common man.

On any given episode, we want you to find some 1975 O’Jays or some 2005 Raheem DeVaughn, Nina Simone or Jill Scott, Patti LaBelle,  N’Dambi, Loose Ends, Tyrone Davis, Rahsaan Patterson, George Benson.  We want to give you the above-ground, well-known sound of Michael Jackson, and the underground jewels from artists simply known as, “who the hell is that?!” We want to get you up, and down, and if “round ‘n’ round” is your style, then we want to give that to you as well. At home, bored at work, on the prowl at the gym…..tune in and turn it up. We are only about exploring and sharing soul musics’ labyrinth of treble and bass, string and horns, and truly amazing vocals that deliver us into and away from the sanctified ritual journeys of pain and suffering, hope and glory. We’re about getting through, getting over and just plain  gettin’ some.  We’re about the old, the new, the new old-school and the old new-school. We’re about the grooves, the jams, the hotness, and “the shit”.

In reality, Soul music never was much for adjectives. It’s always been more of a verb than a noun.  It’s power is the sound itself.


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