Too many superlatives to describe a Friday….

Why do we only get three days to play? Well, I need to make the most of them and it kicks off with soul and rhythms. It’s a set of mellow funk, something to get you warmed up without sweating out your weaves. More head-bop than booty-shake. It’s still funkin’…..

The Game-Nathaniel Roberts/Be Your Man=Tru Skyy f. KayNeliz/Sweet Necessity-Jimetta Rose/Dreamin’-Crossrhodes/I See You (Zone Out)-K. Raydio f. J.Dante/Life Goes On-Soulfolk/Build This World-Joyo Velarde/Let’s Go Back-Dira f. Omar/Hold Tight-Loose Ends/Starting Over-Siji/Right Here-Seek/Do You Like the Way-Cee Lo f. Lauryn Hil