Another hiatus. Another resurrection. Thankfully, I ‘m old enough to know the failure rate of New Year’s resolutions and thus avoid the trap of setting goals beyond just getting out of bed in the morning. I’ve replaced ‘goals’ with ‘hopes’, procuring sympathy for myself.  For instance, I only ‘hoped’ I’d be more disciplined about posting music more often. If it weren’t for the hard-working music bloggers that inspired me with their discipline and devotion, I wouldn’t have conceived the Aural Pleasure Palace. You look out at yourself and observe that your inspirations and your aspirations are walking on separate sides of the street.

So, I’ve been fledgeling, and doubting I’m up for the tasks at hand. When you’re down and feeling defeated, it’s the beats that lift you. To make up for lost time, I’m serving up two mixes in the Funk It Friday series.  As always, we try to drop a little funk, a little punk, and R&B in all its’ incarnations.  Here’s two hours of music that should take where you need to go on Friday afternoon: homebound, club bound, but never tightly wound. If they ask you what you’re doing, tell ’em you’re just “funking it”.



Funk It Friday 5

L.O.V.E (Terri Walker)/Gettin’ Happy (The Family Stand)/ The Pressure (Andrew Roachford)/I’ve Grown (Christion)/PYT (Noel Gourdin)/Missyou (Musiq)/Keep This Fire Burning (Bev. Knight)/Lost My Mind (Jamie Hawkins)/When It’s All Said & Done (Nine 20)/Underneath a Red Moon (N’Dea Davenport)/So Hot (R. Patterson)/You’re Not My Girl (Ryan Leslie)

Funk It Friday

All I Said (Guru f. Macy Gray)/Four Alarm Fire (YahZarah)/Mind Blowin’ (N’Dambi)/I’ve Got the Love (Chante Moore)/I Need You (Darien Brockington)/Coming Back (Smove f. Jess Roberts)/Ridin (Amp Fiddler)/My Favorite Nothing (Janelle Monae)/I’m a Lady (Santigold)/Lemonade (Fly Moon Royalty)/Lovesick (Tiara Wiles)/Anymore (Tweet)