Theoretical reality is easier than Reality reality. In Theoretical Reality, after years of putting together episodes of music the really old-fashioned, antiquated way of burning CD’s, I would admit to living in the 21st century, weaponize my tapes (yeah TAPES!, I said it…TAPES!) & CD’s into this MP3 thing, blast it all into the “cloud” to share with more than just my only two friends in the entire world. In Theoretical reality, I simply collate cherry-picked songs into 30 minutes of the freshest, hottest, dopest, coolest, righteousest Soul music ever heard, anywhere, at any time.

In Reality reality, this “share my music with the world” gig is a transformative madness of passion, purpose and pain.  As an avid follower of several fantastic music blogs, I was pretty sure that my best was only half as good as their worst. Paralyzed by analysis, my dream was dying in the past tense of a 1000 yesterdays.  My riding the fence days started to really, really hurt. If I only keep thinking about doing it, then I ain’t doing it. The only thing all those yesterdays taught me was regret.

So, I  picked a day and finally grounded my dream..on the Internet.  The passion is the love for Soul and R&B. The purpose is bringing it to the audience for rejuvenation, relaxation, renaissance…or whatever else you needs it for….The pain is knowing  that no matter how good it is (and it will be good)…the roots of R&B grow into a tree so far up, with branches so heavy from talent, that I can never, ever reach the top. What I can do, what I really have to do, is keep seeding the soil.

The Aural Pleasure Palace really IS about the freshest, hottest, dopest, coolest, righteousest incarnations of Soul/R&B pulled from the fruits of the my little Soul tree.  We welcome you with the generosity of the truly humble.  We aim to serve a truly complete menu of Soul’s ripest pickings.

So, please grab a Soul tree and kick back. Oh….don’t forget to strap on your headphones.